Download Cartoon HD for iOS

Download Cartoon HD for iOS devices using this guide!

Do not get confused just because of the name, because Cartoon HD does not only stream any Cartoon you like from any part of the world at any point of time, but it is also popular because of its ability to stream movies and turning into your smartphone into a movie streaming gadget. What is even better is that the Cartoon HD is available for both android and iOS.

The pace at which technology is changing the whole world, experiencing TV shows on Television is now termed as backdated. Visualizing TV Shows on your mobile phones or PC is the trend now. Especially in today’s generation where you are running all day long, and not sitting or staying at a particular place for long, you need something which would be compact. The reason why people love the Cartoon HD is that it allows its users to see any movie or any TV series for free, anytime and anywhere.

Features of Cartoon HD 


The Cartoon HD has got heck of cool features and plus points that will just make you aww about this beautiful app.

  • Users can download any videos and as many as they want and can see those videos anytime from any corner of the world.
  • The Cartoon HD has got a beautiful and a soothing user-friendly interface which gives the users a certain sort of pleasure and comfort while accessing the interface.
  • The Cartoon HD has probably got the largest database which henceforth collects a mass amount of your favorite tv shows, movies and even has a great collection of Cartoons in it, which can be streamed online.
  • What we like the most about this app, is that this app gives you the option of seeing 3d movies and tv shows or Cartoons. Isn’t it a great news?
  • In fact, this app runs fine and smooth on a low-quality internet connection. What more can you demand for? First of all, there is an offline mode and now this. I mean, it is just WOW!

But as every PROS has got some CONS behind it, Cartoon HD is also no exception. This app has also got some CONS.


  • Before you go for the Cartoon HD, we should remind you of one thing. This app is no longer available in the Apple’s App Store. Though you can download it from any 3rd party app because there are several sites that give you the access to avail this app. Hence, you will get to access Cartoon and full-length feature films for example, FROZEN 2.
  • Recently, the APPL COMPANY claimed the copyright of it and it even declared openly to their users especially,  to be very careful while using this app because the app has still not been verified by either GOOGLE or APPLE and hence, if anyone wants to install the application, they must know that neither GOOGLE nor APPLE will be liable for any damage taking place on the user’s devices then.


  • Go to the homepage that provides the download option for the Cartoon HD.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button to get it downloaded on the non-jailbreak iPHONE or iPAD
  • You will see a POP-UP. Click on the OPEN option
  • Click on the INSTALL option and come back to the home screen
  • Once it is done, trust the developer by



Q1. Is Cartoon HD ads-free?

Ans. – No, unfortunately Cartoon HD does show ads because of its maintenance.

Q2. Does one have to pay money to watch programs on Cartoon HD?

Ans. – The answer is no. You do not need to waste any money or pay them anything. No subscription or registration is needed. 

Q3. Is it true that Cartoon HD hosts movies or TV series through their servers?

Ans. – False. Cartoon HD only catches high-quality links from the website, but does not play any series or movies through their website.

Conclusion: Cartoon HD for iOS

Now that you know how to download and install Cartoon HD on iOS devices, what are you waiting for? Just follow the steps and enjoy!

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